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March 22, 2008

Introducing The Lady in Red

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The Lady in RedThe Lady in Red

DJ Blackmon – Punany’s Lady In Red

For those of you who do not know, The Lady in Red, aka DJ Blackmon is a founding member of the Punany Poets. As a member of the popular group, DJ has made a variety of contributions. From set design, literary works, performance, business, promotion, and literary development, to performance production. She has added to the diversity and range which is customary among entities associated with The Punany Poets, LLC. The group has always assisted with the promotion and development of new artists. As a whole this has contributed to the continued success of not only the group but each of its individual artists.

As an artist I have found performance to be one of my greatest challenges. Stage fright, multiple roles and responsibilities, promotional activities, family, and creative time are amongst the things that make it challenging. As a writer I have always had fuel to feed my creativity, but time and money are always necessary to accomplish creative goals. Pursuing grants for individual artists are competitive and hard to get. It is frustrating at best, to say it is difficult to further an artistic career when there are always so many obstacles, but I continue to use whatever manner I can to pursue my goals. Many know that we are versatile, not just a group of poets, not just female, not just black, not just erotic, but all these things and more. It is my goal to be viewed as a performer, a writer, a lyricists, a mother, an artists, and a woman, but not to be limited to just these titles. In many ways this is a daily, constant struggle. Creative Enigma Enterprises is my company and is in many ways an extension of that goal, with the further intentions to help with the development and promotion of other new artists. This blog is an opportunity to view not only some of my personal qualities, and enjoy snippets of my work, but also to ask question, make comments, network and help create avenues for new and upcoming artists.

I have always felt that giving something back is important. To do this one must first reach the place where they have something to offer. Even though many of my personal projects have been completed unassisted by others, I would like for future authors, artists, lyricists, and performers to have the option of having help. There is something to be said for having accomplished something on your own, “It’s Hard!!!!!” Help is so much better. Thank you to everyone who has provided emotional support to help me get through the hard parts. I hope one day to be able to make it easier for others.

For more about me see my biography, for more about my company see links above, for information about my books, art, performances go to KuroNeko Books Weblog.

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