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When I Take Off My Clothes

When I take off my clothes, the sins I expose are mine alone,
They don’t require the decisions of others, mistakes that are madefrom my choices, I made them on my own.
When I take off my clothes, it becomes apparently clear,

the things which make me vulnerable, creates my insecurities and

causes me to experience an unrelenting fear.

When I take off my clothes, it is visible it seems,

the magic that exists in my imagination and the fantasies that fuel

what becomes my goals and dreams.

When I take off my clothes, what is obvious as well,

is the truth about just who I am, and secrets that only I would

know unless I chose to tell.

When I take off my clothes, it is evident to those who see,

that my concern is for both what I think, and for what others

might think of me.

When I take off my clothes, it can also be seen,

the definition of that which caused me to be who I am,

and what that might actually mean.

When I take off my clothes, I hope that what is shown,

is beauty, creativity, faith in what I believe, wisdom from what I

have learned, and love from those I have known.

We take our clothes off daily, what we reveal when we are bare,

might be a spectacle so bizarre it might cause others naked to stare,

or be noticeable when we are nude how much we do or don’t care.

It shows unconcealed what we are willing to risk, to give, or to dare,

unclothed, our honesty and diplomacy shows, also our ability to be fair,

When we take off our clothes who we are can be seen, no matter what we WEAR.

DJ Blackmon

The Chronicle of Loss

This isn’t poetry in the normal sense of the word

No magic prose would dare disclose the secrets that you’ve heard.

Visions reveal to me undisclosed strain,

As visual arts depict the screams and poetic verse reveals the pain.

No song is this, for I could put no music to it

Nor could any music master find the heart to do it.

I chronicle the story of all that I have lost

I tell the tale of what has passed because I paid the cost.

I reap the benefit of what it is that I have sown

I chronicle about the life I’ve lived and the loves that I have known.

DJ Blackmon

Signs of Weakness

It passes me oftentimes unnoticed

That place in my mind that begins to stir

When things begin to get a little difficult

And unplanned for anxieties and incidences occur

Occasionally I catch a glimpse of it

And momentarily wonder why

When things are going well it doesn’t stop

But simply frowns and passes by

It’s looking for it, that’s the explanation

It’s waiting for it to grow

It’s biding it’s time as it searches

For signs of weakness to begin to show

I use to be afraid of it, in its obtrusiveness

Found in my fear I couldn’t bear its blunt abusiveness

Like glimpses of ghosts and bloodless night walkers

Its spiritless presence became a light stalker

Searching for the moveable, the pliable

The flaky, the fake, and the unreliable

I take a deep breath and hold it when my softness is exposed

I tread the depth of the water and try to keep vulnerable passages closed

But it’s a shape changer and I don’t always know

From what I’m trying to protect myself,

Hidden in friend and betraying foe

But still I’m hiding in the depths of bleakness

Trying to hide any signs of weakness

DJ Blackmon


I look into the mirror

and then a pang of fear

as I anticipate the message

that soon my mind will hear.

“You’re fat and ugly,” says the

voice, the one inside my head,

I should ignore it, but I

miss another meal instead.

I wait impatiently for the

band at my waist to loosen,

as I now resist the urge

to binge and purge.

“What next,” I ask myself,

while I prepare to waste away,

I can not trust the messages

in my mind or believe what they may say.


it shouts loudly, and smiles

as I consider proudly,

how nice it would be to have

my clothes fit loose on me.

Consider this, I was a three,

a five, and then, up to sixteen,

and down to ten

How terrible it must be,

to fit within society,

to base a judgment of myself

On looks and size and nothing else

How did those messages deceive me?

who else could I believe but me?

When I say that I’m fat,

that isn’t how others perceive me.

I guess it’s a battle that I’ll never win

until I know what it is to be thin.

DJ Blackmon

I Am… and I Don’t…

I am a poet

And I don’t need to play at words

I am a performer

And don’t care if you haven’t heard

I am woman

And I don’t care if I have to do without

I am…. And I don’t really care if you know what it is that I am about.

I am independent

And I don’t have to pretend to care

I am capable of making a way for myself

And I don’t give a damn if you’re there

I am creative

And I don’t have to be concerned if you like what you see

I am…. And I don’t really care if you understand what it means to be me.

I am intelligent and I can tell when I’m being placated, patronized, and pacified and it’s a blessing

And I don’t have to allow pretentious people to prevent me from progressing.

DJ Blackmon


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